Yana Caves near Gokarna is not to be missed at all! Hard to believe that place like Yana exists in India. Such views can be seen only in Hollywood movies with special effects like Jurassic Park or Harry Potter. Yana is present in dense forest.
22 May, 2020 09:40:12 AM | Dr. Neeta Patil

Yana Caves

Yana Caves near Gokarna is not to be missed at all!  Hard to believe that place like Yana exists in India. Such views can be seen only in Hollywood movies with special effects like Jurassic Park or Harry Potter. Yana is present in dense forest. This is located in the Yana village located in forests of the Kumta, Uttar Karnataka at a distance of 68KM from Karwar. There are 2 access roads to this place; one from Sirsi side and the other from Kumta. Yana rocks are located between Kumta and Sirsi. Last 12km drive through the forest gives you a fresh feeling.  This volcanic caves will give you completely different experience overall. The land and terrain over there are completely different. This place is linked with Hindu mythology story of Bhasmasur that explains the Volcanic rock eruption. Small trek in a quiet forest leads to this place.

There is enough parking space. Cave location is around 0.5km walk and 200 steps away from Parking. Nature walk goes through a forest. Rock structure looks different and good. Its hidden gem of nature.

The place is mesmerizing and seems like a location of Game of Thrones. This is an unusual rock formations a photograph does not show you the exclusiveness of this rock formation one has to see it the place is around 70kms from Sirsi.  The views reroute Yana caves are just simply breathtaking. The Western Ghats is known for thick forests and huge towering trees. Here it looks like the rocks are competing with the trees and have overpowered them.

Born out of the volcanic activities centuries ago this place has mystic attached to it as it is geologically different from the places around it. Yana Caves are limestone rocks. The rock formations are pretty unique. They are sharp-edged at the top and there are cave formations under the mountains. The caves under the Mohini shikhara are worth exploring on one's own. A stream flows in the Kumta approach path. Few places in this stream are worth spending a whole day's time. Vehicles reach up to the gate then onwards you have to walk half a km going is a slope little steep at some area this is a bit risky during rainy season during summer it is alright but hot sun may be a bother. In just half kms walk amidst deep forest you will reach at the base of rocks there is temple of Shiva. You go for a pradakshina around the rocks. Apparently you are allowed inside the cave of the temple on maha-shivratri. The pradakshina takes you up into a cave like formation and then down again. There are sufficient arrangements made in the form of steps and hand rails for safety and ease. On the climb downward there is still some scope to improve the steps. As per locals, doing 5 pradakshina blesses you with the vision of Lord Shiva. If you are a heritage lover then it’s a treat for you.

Visiting this place during September and First week of Oct makes it more beautiful as small waterfalls are on the way to caves.

There are no sign boards top show the way, but follow the steps safely. There are no clean washrooms. Small shops that sell some snacks, coffee and tea. No restaurants at this place.

The place is remote and doesn't have any usual facilities like eateries, shops and can be desolated. Getting to the site entrance is slightly tedious, with lose gravel & potholes around a hilly terrain, it makes for a difficult ride on a two wheeler. A low riding vehicle might find the terrain tough. There are small waterfalls along the side and it goes through dense forest where you can see lots of butterfly and sneaks. It is advisable to carry water and hats/umbrellas. This is inside jungle so please do not litter and avoid carrying and throwing plastics bags and bottles. Yana is a very good place for spending few hours, preferably during early morning when temperature is cooler overall a must visit when one is passing by around this area. If you have a Helicam do carry it with you to get stunning view from the air and see better.  Perhaps for elderly or small babies the walk up to the mountain will be tiring. But still I will say it is a A Superb One God made Rock Castle inside Forest!!!


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