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Ranna Utsava

Not to be confused with Rann Utsav of Gujarat ❌

Ranna Utsava is different.

It is a cultural festival celebrated in the Mudhol town of the Bagalkot district of Karnataka.

Every year Ranna Utsava is celebrated from February 28th till March 03rd  (subject to change)

The objective of this celebration is to honor the outstanding 10th Century poet “Mahakavi Ranna” & his contributions.  

Ranna was born in a village in the Karnataka district of Bagalkot's Mudhol Taluka in a family of Bangle Sellers.

His passion for learning, reading, and writing helped him overcome many adversities and become an erudite scholar.

Mahakavi Ranna was a Court Poet of Chalukya king Tailapa and his son.

For his amazing work, the king bestowed on him the honorific title of "Kavichakravarthi." (The King of Poets)

Throughout his life, Mahakavi Ranna won many coveted titles like Kaviratna, Rajasekhara, Tilak, etc.

Sahasabheema Vijayam, Parasurama Charita, Rannakanda, and the Ajitha Tirthankara Purana are just a few of Ranna's well-known compositions.

The village is now named Ranna Belagali in his reverence.

Every year in his honor The District Government works with the Department of Kannada and Culture to put on the lovely "Ranna Utsava" celebration comprising poetry, dance, music, theater, exhibition, and food spanning 3 full days.

This festival is a platform for budding artists, musicians, and writers to showcase their talent.


Accessibility 🚌 🚇
To be a part of this Utsava you can alight at Bagalkot Junction from where you can reach Mudhol in One and a half hours by road.



All the below-mentioned attractions are only 1 to 1.5 hours of driving distance from Bagalkot. So, you can easily combine your visit at the Ranna Utsava with sightseeing at;


UNESCO World Heritage Site known for intricately carved Chalukyan Architecture. Patttadakal Complex displays Dravidian and Aryan architectural styles and is one of the most visited monuments.


HQ of Bagalkot District. Badami is known for Badami Cave Temples.


Village located on the banks of the Malaprabha River Aihole is well known for its Dravidian Temple Architecture and many temples.


Almatti Dam
Built on River Krishna as a part of the hydroelectric project, the dam hosts many facilities for tourists like a musical rock garden for a leisurely stroll, boating, and more.


Elite Vintage Winery
Wine aficionados can head to Elite Vintage Winery and enjoy & purchase the finest wines made from grapes cultivated in Krishna Valley with aromas of indigenous soil.



  • Remember to pack light clothes when visiting towards the end of February
  • Climate towards the beginning of March can be pleasant with cooler mornings but this is just the beginning of Summers
  • We recommend that you stay hydrated throughout and do not let the pleasant climate trick you toward dehydration
  • Ensure to carry prescribed medicines as over-the-counter medicines are widely available
  • We recommend you learn basic meet-and-greet phrases in Kannada as language problems may arise as you travel in the interior regions.
  • Make advance arrangements for vehicles for surface transportation as we have recommended excursions.   
  • Although guides may charge you, we still recommend hiring guides at places like; Pattadakal, Aihole, and Badami due to their rich history and narratives by guides are amazing ways to immerse yourself in the place.

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