01 Feb, 2023 10:52:23 AM | Prof. Shree Patki


Are you heading on a Tour?
Is the weather at your visit destination hot, rainy, or freezing cold?
Falling sick on a vacation is the last thing you want, correct?


Out of all the reasons “Dehydration” is the primary reason for falling sick while on a vacation. And, there are many reasons that may cause Dreaded Dehydration while on a tour.

So, is drinking loads and liters of water the solution to tame dehydration?

Duhhhhhh! Not really… water will only semi-hydrate you and quench your thirst❌   

So what is the solution?

The solution is, “not only staying hydrated but also ensuring optimum on-tour nutrition”

To ensure that you stay energetic, ticking, and rocking throughout your sojourn while ensuring optimum fun and frolic.

Solution is;

J           U          I           C          E          S

“Antidote to good on-tour health that takes your health to new heights with tall Glass”

Jucies are those elixirs which will;
- Hydrate  
- Nourish
- Cleanse
- Detoxify
- Energise
And bring on many more benefits…

In this Blog Post, our Travel Expert recommends you Top 6 Juices that you can consume to stay healthy and hydrated while on Tour.  

So, let us dig right in…

Juices can be classified into 2 major types:

Canned and freshly extracted. It’s your choice & picks.


Here are our TOP 6 Juice recommendations 🥤


92% of water content makes melon juice a diuretic and an amazing anti-oxidant.
Watermelon juice also helps in relieving muscular soreness after a day full of on-tour activities.

Additionally, Vitamin C helps to boost immunity and enhance digestion too.



Orange Juice is a rich source of fiber, infused with Vitamins and minerals like potassium.

Orange juice reduces inflammation caused due to heavy consumption of spicy food during tours.

It’s a perfect juice to drink to quench your thirst and rid yourself off fatigue too.



“Foodies Buddy”

Foodies end up eating a lot and are more prone to falling ill especially when on a long tour.

Cranberry Juice is your buddy if you are a foodie as it improves digestion and reduces the effect of Helicobacter Pylori Bacteria the major cause of many digestion-based disorders.

It also clears the urinary tract thus minimizing urinary tract infections.



These tiny tots are Superfoods not to be underestimated.

Each mini ball comes loaded with full of nutrition and essential fiber.

In Juice form, it soothes your bones and joints after a day full of sightseeing, and it rids your tummy of any infections prepping you for consuming something yummy.

This High in iron juice also helps in curing fevers and filling up the body with nutritional lack.



Your tired liver needs soothing and nutrition - Pun Intended 😜 😋

Amla Juice always comes with “bountiful of beautiful benefits”  

It is good for the liver, improves appetite, speeds up metabolism, helps the body to absorb many nutrients while flushing out toxins, purifies the blood, and is good for the eyes. It is a Big Nutritional Daddy indeed 😃



Although not widely available in a canned form, this juice is widely available and is best consumed freshly extracted.

Carrot Juice comes super loaded with benefits like; it prevents sun damage just in case you are at a beach destination, preventing bloating by relieving abdominal gas after a heavy meal, regulating blood sugar levels, promoting urination while retaining essential fiber, proteins, and carbs, and calories. 



When on a tour; carry canned juices as they have more shelf life, for easier carrying  pour them in bottles and sip it at regular intervals.
Consume them at room temperature instead of sipping them chill.


Arz kiya hai…
Ban jao aap hamare Blog ke subscriber;
When on a tour; drink healthy juices with fiber!!!!



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