Please follow the following steps to book your Tour


Step 1: Registration/Log In

  1. If you are not registered on Sahyogmantra, we recommend to Register Now.
  2. While registering you are expected to enter your basic details along with mobile number and click on Send OTP.
  3. You will then verify the mobile number/mail id by entering the OTP.
  4. After Successful verification, set a password and click on Register.
  5. You will see a message that you have successfully registered.

If you have previously registered before, simply click on Login to access your account with registered mobile number.


Step 2: Select your tour

  1. You can browse over numerous tour options across India and International destinations to suit your choice.
  2. You can check the itinerary and departure dates of these options to make your decision. Alternatively, we are always available to guide you through it on 9969633626/022-25385830


Step 3: Select departure city and date

  1. Once you have selected the tour suitable for you, select the departure city. Most of the tours have departures from several cities across India.
  2. Also, there is an option for Joining leaving guest, where you can opt to join the tour directly at the first destination and leave the tour at the last destination.
  3. After this, you must select the available departure dates, verify the pricing and click on book now.


Step 4: Select number of guests and room options

  1. Enter the number of Adults, children and infants travelling on this tour.
  2. We will display the most recommended room options for you.
  3. On selection of any of the suitable options, you can click on proceed to move ahead.


Step 5: Fill in your details

  1. Fill in the details of all guests’ room wise.
  2. Kindly ensure you enter correct mobile number and email id, as all further communication will be through these channel.
  3. After verifying the details, you can now proceed further to Confirmation and payment.


Step 6: Confirm your details and pay

  1. After one final confirmation of your tour details, you can enter the amount that you wish to pay.
  2. Payment Policy and how to pay is explained in Payment Option. Please read it carefully.
  3. Post payment, you will see a Booking confirmation screen and also receive confirmation email and SMS from us.
  4. Our team will get in touch with you shortly for the further verification process.
  5. For any information regarding your tour or any balance payments, you can login to My Account.


  1. For Domestic Tours

    1. For Adult: Copy of Any Govt. ID like PAN Card/Adhar Card/Driving License or first and last page of Passport( Mostly with address and photo).
    2. For child: Copy of Adhar Card or school ID card or 1st and last page of passport
    3. For infant: birth certificate or 1st and last page of passport
    4. Train Tickets/Bus Tickets/Air Tickets if booked on your own
    5. To get permit at certain places you need to submit your passport size photograph (no of copies mentioned in the Tour information section of the itinerary page)


  1. For International Tours:

Passport: Passport is an official document required whenever guest/s intend to travel abroad and in addition the guest/s should have visa of that particular country which the guest/s wants to visit.

Visa Facilitation by Sahyogmantra: Before submission of the passport to Sahyogmantra for obtaining visa, guest/s has to ensure that passport validity is minimum 180 / 365 days from the arrival / conclusion date of the tour in India and it has sufficient blank pages, which should not be damaged/stapled/torn etc. for recording the visas of the respective countries.

  1. Duly signed & filled VISA forms by each guest as per Passport signature & details.
  2. For Children, take Thumb impression - If passport has thumb impression or signature along with Parent's Signature - Male - Left Thumb & Female Right Thumb or as directed by Consulate.
  3. Personal Covering letter stating purpose of the travel - Personal / Tour / Employment etc. along with financial / sponsorship details. (For Employed guest on Plain paper, Self Employed on Plain paper with Visiting Card, Business or Professionals on their letter head)
  4. For infant: birth certificate or 1st and last page of passport which is valid for at least 180 days if travelling by air.
  5. Foreign national shall ensure the valid VISA when the tour commences from India & concludes in India. Such Foreign national shall solely be responsible for any contingency in respect of the same.
  6. Non Resident Indian (NRI) shall compulsorily hold Person of Indian origin (POI) or overseas citizen of India (OCI) card while traveling to India and / or gap of minimum 2 months between two visits to avoid deportation entry problem through immigration authorities.


  1. Note:
    1. Embassies/Consulates of few countries do not accept passports for VISA processing if your passport is valid for more than 10 yrs. Also, for some countries, the issue date on your passport should be after 01.01.2001.
    2. Please read more about the Documentation in Terms and Condition (Quick Links) or kindly check with our tour consultant before booking your tour. We are happy to guide you at every step of your booking process rather for the life altering experience at every step during your tour as well.

You can book your tour by visiting our office or nearest branch: Once you have finalized the tour you wish to book, you can visit our office and place your booking with us. If time does not permit you to do so, for your convenience we can send our representative to you for completing the booking formalities. Or else a pdf format of the form is attached herewith. You can download the same. Fill in the form and send a scanned copy of it with us. Don’t forget to read the booking policy and cancellation policy. Also suggesting you to read all the terms and conditions given on our website.


At the time of booking - Indian Tour Registration:

There are 4 Easy Steps to register your tour.

  1. Read carefully the "Terms and Conditions" given in our brochure or on our website.
  2. Carry Photo Identity Proof.
  3. Select your tour, fill in the Registration form & submit the documents suggested.
  4. Please provide your complete details including Name, Completed age (as on departure date), Preferred journey by Rail/Air/Bus or any other mode of transport, Birth date, Marriage date, Meal preferences, Address, Tel, Mobile, Email, Emergency contact (other than residence),
  5. Pre/post tour program if any and any extras such as additional accommodation, transfers, change of return travel date etc.
  6. Collect the official payment receipt on payment of the Registration amount.
  7. Air ticket cost has to be paid fully.
  8. If you book the tour within 15/30 days to departure, the entire tour price has to be paid at the time of booking.


Guest(s) signature on the tour Booking / Registration form: Guest/s signature on the tour Booking / Registration form is mandatory. Affixing signature of one or more guest/s if the group includes large number of guest/s on the 'Booking / Registration form', shall be deemed to mean that the guest/s other than signatories have duly authorized the signing guest/s and all the guest/s for whom the Booking / Registration was made shall be deemed to have been bound by the terms and conditions contained herein. Guest/s are requested to sign such forms, documents or other tour related papers wherever it is required to sign these papers by the concerned guest/s only and not by any other person on guest/s' behalf.

Payment Options: Payments can be made through local 'Account payee' cheques, Demand Drafts or by Cash at any of our Office/Branches, as per below Bank details. Overwriting on Cheques are not allowed as per RBI rule. PAN details are required in case of cash payment in accordance with prevailing Income Tax rules.

 OPTION - 1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
 Bank  State Bank of India
 Account Name   Sahyog Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd. 
 Account No.  37741437137
 IFSC Code  SBIN0000489 – Current Account
 Branch  Jambhli Naka, Thane west


 OPTION - 2                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
 Bank of Maharashtra
 Bank  Bank of Maharashtra
 Account Name   Sahyog Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd. 
 Account No.  60119079254
 IFSC Code  MAHB0000022 – Current Account
 Branch  Station Road, Thane (W)


  OPTION - 3                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
 Google Pay
Google Pay No. 1 9969633626                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Google Pay No. 2 8422882296


 Payment Policy   Domestic Tours  International Tours

At the time of booking

 30% of the Total Cost + Air Ticket/ Train Ticket/ additional boating/ Safari/ Gandola etc. if applicable.

50% of the Total Tour Cost + Air Ticket Cost/additional   boating/ safari/Gandola etc. if applicable.         

 3 Months to


 25% of the Total Tour Cost  25% of the Total Tour Cost

 2 Months to


 25% of the Total Tour Cost  25% of the Total Tour Cost
 1 Months to


 20% of the Total Tour Cost  Visa fees + Forex requirement if any
 Note: Guests registering 1 month/15 days to Departure will have to pay 100% tour cost.

Cancellation Charges are as follows:

No. of Days

Domestic Tours

International Tours

before departure from the date of receipt of your cancellation request

Amount of cancellation charges in % on total tour price must be paid by the Guest/s

Amount of cancellation charges in % on total tour price must be paid by the Guest/s

More than 90 days

Registration Amount or 20% of tour cost whichever is higher

Registration Amount or 20% of tour cost whichever is higher

90 days - 61 days



60 days - 46 days



45 days – 31 days



30 days – 16 days



15 days – on the tour



Note: Cancellation on Additional Service/Deviation will be charged extra. GST is applicable on cancellation charges


Note: Cancellation Policy is defined in every aspect in Terms and Conditions on our website. Please go through it carefully.


Then we will have to provide pdf attachment of registration form or the same registration for if can be generated and filled in it will be very good.