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We are here to support you every step of the way when you finally heed the call of the mountains. Look no further if you've been missing that challenge, adore being in nature, and are itching for some crisp, fresh air. We cordially encourage you to camp beneath the stars, savor a stroll through forests, valleys, and river streams, take in the sunset, and live out of a haversack. To increase your immunity and stamina, just make sure you are in the 15 to 55 age range and are physically healthy. We are very excited to travel with you. Now let's explore the vast outdoors with these treks in India.

Sahyogmantra provides fantastic trekking and hiking tour packages that provide a thrilling high-altitude experience to appreciate the country's natural beauty and feel the genuine thrill of the mountains. In order to feel the extra pleasure and excitement of sleeping in the wilderness by yourself, you may also reserve a solo trekking and hiking package with us. Expert local trek leaders provide the necessary direction on these all-inclusive trips, and our tour managers are also available to assist you. In addition, we guarantee comfortable cars for road trips, excellent lodging choices, full meals, and evenings spent over a campfire or barbeque.

We'll be pleased to accompany you on your ascent of some of the most thrilling and beautiful trekking and hiking locations in India, provided that you are in good physical condition, fall within the 15 to 55 age range, and have a strong desire to increase your immunity and stamina. The mountains are calling, so let's get moving!

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    • Kalu Waterfall
    • Nageshwar temple
    • Ancient Caves
    • Aadrai jungle
RS01- 0N/1D
    • Takmak Fort
RS02- -1N/0D
    • Kalsubai Mountain
RS03- 0N/1D
    • Devkund Waterfalls
RS07- 0N/1D
    • Dhodani - Matheran Sunset Point Trek
RS08- -1N/0D
    • Devkund Waterfall Rapelling
RS05- 0N/1D
    • Mahuli Fort
RS06- -1N/0D
    • Kavnai Fort
RS10- -1N/0D
    • Kalvantidurg Fort
RS11- -1N/0D
    • Kaldurg Fort
RS12 - -1N/0D
    • Ajoba Mountain
    • Valmiki Ashram
RS13- 0N/1D
    • Madap Waterfalls 
RS15- -1N/0D
    • Karnala Fort
RS16- -1N/0D
    • Gorakhgad Fort 
RS17- 0N/1D
    • Bhivgad,Bhimgad hill fort
RS18- -1N/0D
    • Tringalwadi fort
RS19- -1N/0D
    • Manikgad Fort
RS20- -1N/0D
    • Irshalgad Fort
RS21- -1N/0D
    • Sondai Fort
RS22- -1N/0D
    • Chanderi Fort
RS23- -1N/0D
    • Ratnagad fort
RS24- 0N/1D
    • Amboli Savdav Waterfall
RS25- 2N/3D
    • Canyoning at Madap Waterfalls
RS26- -1N/0D
    • Kataldar waterfall rappeling
RS28- -1N/0D
    • Dudhsagar Waterfall
RS29- 2N/3D
    • Bekre Waterfalls
RS31- -1N/0D
    • Harihar Fort
RS32- -1N/0D
    • Raigad Fort
RS33- 1N/2D
    • Andhrbhan Jungle
RS34- -1N/0D
    • Ganpati Gadad Mountain
RS35- -1N/0D
    • Harishchandrad Trek
RS36- -1N/0D
    • Sudhagad Camping
    • Mahad Pali
RS38- 1N/2D