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7 Magical Places to Enjoy “Cherry Blossoms” in India

7 Magical Places to Enjoy “Cherry Blossoms” in India

The city has transformed into a lively and picturesque place as the blossoming days of the year have arrived. While cherry blossoms are in bloom in India, take in the splendor of South Korea and Japan.  Vibrant pink and white flowers blanket the terrain, lending the scene an otherworldly quality. People have recently developed an enchantment with such unspoiled natural beauty and have traveled to these locations for leisurely walks or picture shoots.

Because of the beautiful weather, now is a fantastic time to plan a trip if you are visiting different parts of the country. In India, the cherry blossom season usually spans from November to March, depending on the locale. The most fascinating feature is that Shillong honors these flowering seasons with a festival that is cheerfully observed.


7 Places to Enjoy Cherry Blossoms in India:

1) Sikkim

As we journey to a place where nature resides, the beauty of the cherry blossoms among everything seems even more astounding. Sikkim is one of the regions with cherry blossom trees. In the state, these blooms are limited to two locations. First, throughout November and December, the Kanchenjunga National Park region experiences the Sakura season, which is also known as the season of pink blooms in Japan. There are rumors that a different kind of cherry blossom blooms here in March and April, though. Photographers and environmental enthusiasts have always flocked to this spot to capture the beauty of the pink blooms during this dreamy time of year.

Another place to see cherry blossoms in full bloom and the most stunning view is the Temi Tea Garden region. The road leading to the factory is lined with cherry blossom trees. The breathtaking sight is further enhanced by the distant snow-capped mountains.


2. Shillong

The tree became well-known as the site of India's cherry blossom festival, and it has since spread to other regions of the country. In November and December, the flower reaches its peak of bloom, and the region celebrates this shade of nature with a festival. It is possible to witness similar beauty in the Khasi and Garo highlands. Travelers from all over the world come there to take in the scenery, which resembles an original picture.

The local Cherry Blossom Festival features family-friendly events and musical performances. You may use it to share memories of the Japanese tree on social media, since it's a well-liked hangout for users. It is the season of jubilation and vitality when the flower blossoms. These locations, which are already endowed with the most beautiful scenery, become even more alluring with the addition of these cherry blossom trees.


3. Nagaland

The state of Nagaland, which is located further to the northeast, is also home to these gorgeous pink-flowered trees. Himalayan Cherry Blossoms are the name given to cherry blossoms that are predominantly grown in the Himalayan region of India. Cherry blossoms bloom in this area between October and November, the months that follow the rainy season. Among the surrounding vegetation, the colors of the tree tend to add more beauty to the area.

The blossoms' inherent beauty is enhanced by the fact that they may be used to create tea. This area's cherry blossoms are medicinal, acting as antioxidants and relieving physical illnesses. The freshness of the drink and flower also gives a surreal view of the surroundings. Take pictures or enjoy a beverage indoors. Traveling to India to see the cherry blossoms is rewarding.


4. Himachal Pradesh

The tree can also be found in this northwest part of the country, Himachal Pradesh. Given that the area is a part of the Himalayas, the plant's development makes it suitable for the site. The pink blossoms against the azure skies and lush foliage will appeal to all nature enthusiasts. Cherry blossoms bloom to spectacular splendour in the remote areas of Kothkhai, Kumarsain, Bhutti, Mashobra, and Narkanda in Himachal Pradesh. You can expect something similar from a visit to these Himachal Pradesh regions, given how popular this flower is in Japan.

This is where one may observe cherry blossoms in March and April, which are the first two months of spring. Now that the sun is softly shining and the temperature is still cool, the flower appears ready to unfold. This is an excellent time to visit the area because the cold winters have just finished. People travel from all over the country to this location to capture pictures among the cherry blossom trees. The list of locations in India with cherry blossoms also includes the Dharamshala portion of the state.


5. Bangalore

The nation's innovation hub, located far from the Himalayan region, is also home to trees that resemble cherry blossom trees. Even though it might not contribute as much as the other sectors, it nevertheless matters because it is acknowledged to improve the streets' aesthetic appeal. These cherry blossom trees go by the name Tabebuia Rosea, or Pink Trumpets, and they bloom in January.

It is worthwhile to travel to these streets in Bangalore in order to appreciate the unspoiled beauty and photograph it. These pink flowers were first planted by the British, adding to the flowery splendor of the city. The town is a part of India's Cherry Blossoms because of these similarities.


6. Mumbai

Another location outside of the hills where India's cherry blossom stories come to life is Mumbai. The road is carpeted with pink blossoms in December and April. This is a time of year when Bombay residents and tourists from other places like to come and take photos in the vibrant colours. This type, often called the Pink trumpet, is a sight to behold in the best of weather.

These trees have been deliberately planted in locations such as the Vikhroli section of the Eastern Express Highway to give visitors a sense of Tokyo. These imitative cherry blossom trees are perfect for planting because they look elegant and require no maintenance. If you find yourself in or near the city, don't miss seeing these locations.


7. Jammu & Kashmir

Jammu & Kashmir is another place in India where one may see cherry blossoms. Among the diversity here are pink and white flowers. An place known for being a sanctuary of unspoiled natural beauty is further enhanced by the cherry blossom trees. There are several locations where one can witness cherry blossoms, such as Srinagar, Gulmarg, Baramulla, and Shopian city. As these blossoms fall to the ground, they fill the space with color as people sit and take in the scene.

The view of these trees becomes even more breathtaking in March and April when the blossoms bloom. Enjoy a drink of the gourmet food and take in the breathtaking scenery in addition to all of this.

By traveling to places in India where cherry blossoms are in bloom, you can now experience the beauty of Japan. So go ahead and snap some photos or just unwind while taking in the beauty of springtime. Since different locales experience the beauty of these pink blooms at different periods of the year, plan your vacation with your friends and family to enjoy the stunning vistas of each site.


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