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Camel Festival in Bikaner, Rajasthan

Every year in January, Bikaner organizes its Camel Festival. It is expected that the celebration will begin on January 13th and end on January 15th. It's one of Rajasthan's most vibrant celebrations.


Highlights of the Bikaner Camel Festival Celebration Include:

A vibrant display of exquisitely decorated camels at the festival's opening, as well as a number of cultural events like the best breed competition, camel races, camel beauty pageant, camel milking, camel acrobats, tug-of-war competition, camel dance, fur cutting design, and much more.

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The open polo field is the venue for these events. Folk and musical performances by regional Rajasthani performers are also featured in this festival. The Bikaner Festival's main draws are the enormous assortment of Rajasthani cuisines and treats as well as the auction of antiques and handicrafts.

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What may visitors anticipate from this celebration?

Thousands of people travel from near and far to attend this festival, which features a wide range of vibrant events. It's a great chance to witness the ships of the desert at their finest during the festival. You can take in a show featuring unique camel acts, rides on the dunes, etc.


Where in Rajasthan is it located?

According to historical records, Bikaner was never an accessible land. It is situated in Rajasthan's northwest region. From Jaipur, it is reachable by air, road, and train. 330 kilometers by road separate it from Jaipur.


The Bikaner Camel Festival from a Cultural and Historical Perspective:

In the past, camels were the only means of survival for the native population in the area. The Bikaner region's camels were highly prized for their distinct qualities, such as their strength and beauty. As a result, the community has begun honoring this animal with a festival. It gained popularity over time and is currently one of Rajasthan's most prominent events.


Program for the Camel Festival:

The Camel Pageant, which is held on the opening day of the event, features camel owners showcasing their animals' ornaments and jewels. The camels execute beautiful dances under the guidance of their trainers, showcasing their impressive footwork, throughout the festival.

The surrounding area is mysterious in addition to the multicolored bridles, gilded necks, jingling anklets, and long, lanky camel shadows on the sunset dunes.

There are additional competitions for other camel-related events, such as best-decorated camel, best-cut fur, best-milked camel, and best-cut camel hair. During the event, one can also sample the unique treats and tea made with camel milk.

The local camels compete in races on the second day of the celebration to win prizes. Thousands of spectators, including locals, applaud the camels as the race gets underway. The evening finishes on both festival days with unique folk dances and music from the surrounding desert.

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Local artists provide an exciting fire dance, a skirt twirling dancer, and several other equally interesting shows to amuse the tourists. The desert city of Bikaner is illuminated by a spectacular fireworks show as part of the Camel Festival commemorations.

Remember to visit the camel festival in Bikaner if you are planning a vacation to Rajasthan in January, which is the greatest time to visit the state.


What is the best time to visit Bikaner?

The winter months of October through March are the ideal times to explore Bikaner. The annual camel festival happens in January. Avoid the rest of the year as it is too hot. Bikaner experiences harsh summers and winters. The days are hot and humid from March to June, with highs of 46 degrees Celsius. Dust storms are frequent during this time of year. July to September marks the arrival of the monsoon. Additionally, because of the hot and muggy weather, these months are not as ideal. Winter lasts from October to February. It could drop as low as 4 degrees. But because of the nice weather, this is the ideal time to visit Bikaner.


How to reach Bikaner

By Road: The state public transportation system in Rajasthan provides frequent access from Bikaner to all of the state's cities. Bikaner has connections to other important Indian cities, such as Delhi.


By Train: The center town of Bikaner is about 6 kms. from the two nearby railway stations, Bikaner Junction and Lalgarh Railway Station.


By Air: Jodhpur International Airport, located 235 kms. away and connected to all local and international flights, is the closest airport to Bikaner.


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