01 Oct, 2020 12:32:02 PM | Prof. Shree Patki


Although current pandemic has derailed travel like never. There is always the hope that shines bright just like that thin silver lining across the dark cloud. In fact, a new narrative seems to be taking shape in the current scenario which is the concept of “revenge tourism”. It depicts the hope that Tourism industry harbours of a very strong revival and demand swell up in terms of extra trips that people might undertake post pandemic. 
This clearly shows that nothing can take away the primal instinct for wanderlust in human beings. Yes, this instinct is truly inherent in human beings as you must have noticed that when you sit for very long durations your entire body feels cramped making the urge to stand up and walk even stronger. Our body demands constant movement and since the pre-historic times it is the same movement that has transformed us into wholesome itinerant beings.
The origin of this instinct can also be seen in babies who follow the pattern of departure – return when learning to walk. From the safe confines of the arms of its parents, small babies venture some distance on their own and return in their parent’s arms, only to increase their distance the next time and explore more. Every distance that it traverses pumps in more confidence and makes it more keen on further independent exploration. Thus, the child develops more curiosity which motivates it to venture into the unknown more, see more, seek more, adapt more and thus in the process learn more…. This in the later years transpires into journeys taken with the exploratory thirst much beyond the confines of indigenous lands. Travel is described in a similar manner; it reflects a journey in the unknown lands which is a round trip that returns to its point of origin. 
What Travel does to you? The heading of this article, can be justified strongly with the lines of Mark Twain a renowned American travel writer, publisher and lecturer in his travel book Innocents Abroad, which reads; “Many people need to travel as travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness. Broad, wholesome, noble thinking and wide perspectives cannot be shaped by being in the same corner of the earth throughout lifetime”  
The much hyped phrase of, “travel changes everything” makes me contemplate on what really changes post travel and  answer to this is NOTHING except the depleted balance in your account, it’s the same home and surroundings that you return to. Yet what has changed is intangible yet more profound; it is your vision, your outlook and approach towards the life and its problems, you feel empowered to tackle the life’s challenges head on as the tonic of travel that you have just consumed starts working. 
This tonic is the concoction made from elements which are time, distance, unfamiliar territories, strangers, culture etc. which activates your creative instinct. Engagement with the culture other than your own strengthens your inter-cultural understanding making you open to more experiences. And, in the contemporary corporate world “multi-cultural competence” is one of the most desired traits.
Research has also proven that travel boosts the CREATIVITY. The Directors of a Fashion House who in their careers stayed, studied, and worked abroad were more creative than their counter parts who worked in their hometowns. Even students who study abroad develop broader mind sets and creativity. No wonder millennial travellers prefer travelling with the travel companies who offer local immersion and interaction opportunities like homestays, activities with a local etc. The activities that engage the traveller with locals propel the traveller to get out of social comfort zone / cocoon. Many scientists have found that travelling abroad to a culture that is vastly different leads to an increase in the cognitive flexibility, boosts reconciliation tendencies and makes one appreciate humility in humanity that one encounters during the course of one’s voyage.
Remember the cathartic moment that Farhan Akhtar experiences in the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara when he jumps from the helicopter. Travel precisely does that, by indulging in something which is, “Once in a lifetime!” gives you a sense of accomplishment and fills your soul with content. So, when you return you tend to see and approach your life from a completely new vision and mind set. A lot of times it makes you more humble about the things that you already have in your life compelling you to literally count on your blessings. Taking a break from the regular routine helps you to contemplate on where your life is actually heading, and it has been found that decisions taken post voyage have capability to strongly transform one’s life for good.
Many seasoned travellers swear by and propagate that travel makes one fearless as one tends to learn the most in unknown lands. Many travellers end up conquering their fears during travel; be it fear of interaction to fear of flying or fear of animals etc… Travel has an amazing tendency to alleviate many of your fears and phobias.
Travel abroad can transform one from being “Racist to Liberal” as it broadens your world view, makes you more empathetic towards some real life issues that you experience during your voyage and more tolerant towards things that are alien to your culture, thus paving the way for heightened appreciation of World, people, their unique practices and cultures. It also empowers you and fills you up with newfound zeal to tide over the storm. Remember the trip that Shahid Kapoor takes in the movie Jab We Met on hitting the lowest ebb of his life and how it completely transforms his life 360 degrees… And who knows you may also end up finding your soul-mate (Geet or Aditya) during voyage… ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜Š
Isn’t it boring it is to be eternally be stuck in the bubble of your schedule and find your comfort zone there? Travel compels you to break away from this monotony and experience something totally out of your comfort zone thus bolstering your self-confidence. 
Travel empowers even the most reticent one’s to open and pour their heart about their travel stories and narrate the nuances of their travel experiences making others assemble around and gawk at them in surprise… Indeed, one can easily, sequentially and without any errors narrate about every moment of their trip as Travel has the power to etch the memories in some inerasable corner of person’s neurology.
Although the debate on virtual Vs actual seems to be heating up, undoubtedly nothing can truly replace the ACTUAL pleasure of the journey… So, let’s all be patient and wait for soon to be unleashed TRAVEL MAD RUSH as restrictions loosen up and destinations open up and all the travel hungry janta awaits in anticipation with their packed bags to go out and EXPLORE once again….. Get set for PCE (Post Covid Era) TRAVEL RUSH…. 
Bon Voyage folks!!!!

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Graduate in Hospitality Studies and a Master's Degree Holder with specialization in Tourism. Mr Shree is a full time Professor and an Travel Enthusiast himself he carries insatiable appetite for two things which are knowledge and travel.. His mission is to motivate people to travel more and produce skilled travel professionals for the Tourism Sector which keeps him on his toes all the time.