The falls are located near Sirsi approximately 35kms away for Sirsi in Uttara Kannada District of Karnataka, India. The picturesque Unchalli falls was discovered by J.D. Lushington in 1845,
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Unchalli Waterfall, Sirsi, Karnataka

Gorgeous, Gigantic, Shuddering and Roaring Unchalli Waterfall.

The falls are located near Sirsi approximately 35kms away for Sirsi in Uttara Kannada District of Karnataka, India. The picturesque Unchalli falls was discovered by J.D. Lushington in 1845, a district collector of the British Government that is why also known as Lushington Waterfalls. Unchalli falls are near Yellapur (84kms) in Uttara Kannada. This is also known as `Mini Niagara‘ or  Keppa Falls is another name for its unique sound.

Unchalli falls are a part of Aghanashini River which is India's only river without having any dams or industries along its course. Unchalli falls are managed by Forest department and local gram panchayat. The road to reach Unchalli falls is through villages and then through forest area. There's no mobile network in the area and Google maps won't be of much help.

The walk to the actual falls from the parking lot feels longer than the 500m mentioned at the entrance. The steps are numerous (Approximately 250-300) descending down. There are totally three view points, the last one providing the best of view. Nature at its pristine best. The first viewpoint itself gives a magnificent view of the falls, covered by misty clouds in the rainy season. Then, if you further go down to the last view point from where you can get a stunning view of the roaring waterfalls. The force is such that the water droplets normally sprinkle over us. With the place having less crowd and natural surroundings, it is so calm and one could just stand and gaze at the waterfalls forever. Might be a bit of an effort if you are travelling with senior citizens. But there are ample places at different levels for them to sit/rest.

These falls are formed when water from river Aghanashini descends down 450 feet. At the top of the waterfall the river flows down through a narrow water path which is surrounded by thick green forests on both the sides. The width of the river gradually broaden as the water gushes down; eventually forming a wide and beautiful waterfall. The triangular shape of the waterfall is something that distinguishes Unchalli waterfall from the rest.

This falls must be visited in July-August when it will be in full bloom. Our team with our guests visited this amazing waterfall in the first week of Oct in 2019. “What a mesmerizing tour it was!” they said. It was a sunny morning of Oct first week when they visited. Please watch the video for its Gignatic View. In the video you can see the rainbow near gushing water. Normally we can see the rainbow in the sky. But on this particular day they were at second view point of the fall and rainbow was below them.

For adventure lovers trekking 5 km from the Heggarne village along the dense forests can be an exciting experience. The steep mountain slopes and tracks, deep gorges, chilly breeze and the amazing flora and the rare avian species accompany you until you reach the roaring Unchali Falls plummeting down.

A must visit if you are travelling around Sirsi.


How to reach Unchalli Falls:

By Road: Siddapura Taluk in North Kanara by road

Nearest Railway Station: Sirsi town

Nearest Airport: Goa Dabolim Airport

By Road: From Bangalore 400 kms, Sirsi 25 kms.


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