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Jatayu Earths Center - Keralas Latest Addiction

You will certainly get mesmerized with Kollam’s latest tourist attraction, the Jatayu Earth’s Center that hosts the world’s largest bird sculpture. Spanning over 65 acres across four hills, this is the State’s first ever BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) tourism.

The monumental statue of Jatayu resting high up the hill catches your attention even from a far on your way to Chadayamangalam in Kollam district. Jatayu is a legendary bird from the Indian epic Ramayana.

The world’s largest bird sculpture and within it a rock theme park for adventure enthusiasts is what today pays tribute to the mythical bird from the Indian epic Ramayana – Jatayu.

Legend has it that Jatayu tried to save Sita (wife of Lord Rama) when Ravana, a demon king, was abducting her in his airborne chariot. Jatayu is said to have fought valiantly and fallen on these rocks, grievously injured.

The Jatayu Adventure Center (Jatayu Earth's Center): at Chadayamangalam, 50 km from Thiruvananthapuram, is a unique combination of artistry, mythology, technology, culture, adventure, leisure, and wellness. The virtual reality museum and the theatrical magic that renders the story of Jatayu add to the magic of the destination.

A creation of Mr. Rajiv Anchal, this destination is sure to leave each visitor awestruck. The state of the art ropeway offers one a bird’s eye view of God’s Own Country just as the helicopter rides do as well.

The Jatayu Adventure Center offers the largest adventure park within a natural terrain. All adventure junkies, this is your perfect weekend getaway! Engage in adventurous games in the backdrop of breathtaking views of nature. Whether it be Burma Bridges, Commando Nets, Log Walk, Vertical Ladder, Chimney Climbing or Side Joola, choose your pick and let the adrenaline rush through the body.

Now what adds to the thrill is the Paintball zone!

Paintball, Valley Crossing, Bouldering, Zip Line, Trekking, Archery, Rappelling, Jumaring and Wall Climbing are among the myriad activities available here. The climbing activities are designed around the natural rock formations on the hillside.

While you are relishing the adrenaline rush the park offers you make sure you explore the multi cuisines at the food court with a panoramic view and the age-old Siddha Cave Healing Center as well for a complete, wholesome experience.

You can reach the hilltop using a cable car. A wrist band id is put around your wrist at the check in desk and you proceed to the cable car boarding area for the ride uphill to the Jatayu Sculpture. The cable car slows as it comes around to the boarding platform and one just walks into the car as it creeps along the platform. Watchful attenders are around to ensure boarding is safe and to provide assistance to those in need. As the car picks up speed and moves into the climb the 360 view is thoroughly enjoyable. A multitude of experiences await the traveller in Jatayu Rock.

Once at the top one is simply awed by the hugeness of the Jatayu sculpture and realization dawns as to the effort involved in creating this masterpiece in stone. You can almost feel the life and the pain of the giant bird as it lies there helpless, fighting death waiting for his object of devotion to relieve him of his misery. The whole sculpture is so realistic! It so grabs your attention when one is at the top, that you miss rest of the surroundings. Sitting around one can enjoy the cool evening breeze. Being a recent tourist attraction, could see some work going on around to make it more engaging to the tourist. Kudos to the creating team for this masterpiece.

One such is the museum and the 6D theatre inside the sculpture. You can even have a hele-taxi experience from here!

Besides all these exclusive experiences, the place also has provision for Ayurveda, camping, trekking, live kitchen and a lot more to make your trip splendid.

An evening trip to the Jatayu Earth Centre is a memorable experience. The entry ticketing online is clean and swift. The car ride from Varkala uphill is a wonderful with greenery all around. There is ample parking after entry into the JEC area at the foot of the cliff. Not much crowd and the entry is well monitored and regulated by a smart security team. Visit the place for a unique experience that no other tourist hotspots in Kerala can offer!

Visiting hours: 1000 to 1700 hours

Getting there:

Chadayamangalam is located on Main Central (MC) Road, connecting Angamaly (Ernakulam district) and Kesavadasapuram (Thiruvananthapuram district). Buses are available from major bus stations in the state.

Nearest Airport: Trivandrum International Airport is about 52 kms

Nearest Railway Stations: Kollam Junction, about 35 kms and Thiruvananthapuram Central about 55 kms.


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