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Good Morning from misty mountains of Kashmir!!… What a fabulous view to make a perfect day!!! Awakening to a steaming cup of fragrant Kashmiri green tea called 'Kahwa' is a flawless method to begin your foggy morning in Kashmir.

Kashmir is India's flight of stairs to heaven. Any seasons here recount to an alternate story, however the most supernatural opportunity to visit Kashmir is the autumn season, which sets in from mid-September to mid-November. Generally, the temperature is up to 16°C and sometimes rains also comes. Harvest time is Kashmir's brilliant season — everything becomes brilliant and all possible tones of yellow, gold and orange. Cloudy mornings, wonderful evenings, red-covered gardens and stir of fallen leaves transform Kashmir into a charming spot.

Pre-winter in Kashmir. A thick layer of cloudiness ruins sight from overview the sensible sky, the mountains, and the sun – which seeks shelter behind immense fogs. There is a genuine level of coldness blowing through the streets in the mornings and in the evenings.


Harvest  Season  in  Kashmir:

Apple’s from Srinagar

Two most engaging arrangements of gather time in Kashmir that make it the best season are the blooming of Saffron and the reddening of the leaves of Chinar.

Srinagar is a pleased piece of the Kashmir Valley, which is suitably known as 'Heaven on Earth.' Surrounded by the lofty Himalayas, tranquil lakes, and awesome nurseries. Srinagar is a place that is known for some delightful sights and fascinating encounters. Many varities of apples are grown in the fields of Kashmir valley. We know these Apples as ‘Kashmiri Apples’.  About 80% of the apples that are provided to the remainder of the nation, come from Srinagar. The ground is covered with prospering green trees that are dabbed with gleaming apples. It really is an organic product picker's blessing from heaven.September to October is also known Apple picking season in Srinagar. Weather in thses period is favourable for harvesting normally temperatrure is 12-15°C.


Pampore A place with spice gold: Saffron

Kashmir is also the other main farm product which demands more and worth its weight in gold in all over the world is the delight of spices known as “Saffron”. 1kg of Saffron sells approximately @3000-4000 USD which means around 2-3 lakhs in Indian Rupees. Such an Unbelievable!! The popular "Saffron Town: Pampore" of Kashmir lies extremely near Srinagar.

 Hired a taxi/cab to get to the saffron town and visit Pampore in October to see the violet fields in full blossom. Aside from its beautiful shading and heartfelt names, saffron is likewise a vigorously fragrant plant. Its fields can be smelled from a good ways. Pampore is only the place in all over India which harvest and yield fields of Saffron. Central Gov. of India had make a ruled there if you want to buy any home or property in Pampore you should first have to take a field of Saffron for harvesting compulsory.


Golden hues in Kashmir

During autumn, all the Chinar trees will shed their brilliant leaves. You can discover a great deal of them in Mughal Gardens, a gathering of Persian-style gardens worked by the Mughals. Shalimar Bagh is the biggest of the multitude of nurseries. The whole nursery is in tones of yellow and orange, making it a stunning spot to go through your early daytime for a stroll in the midst of the stir of the fallen leaves. What a fabulous view to see the regular excellence of Autumn!


 Enjoying mouthwatering food of Kashmir

Close by food varieties reliably describe the compact of any spots. Also, Kashmir has an amazingly specific spot in the culinary world. 'Wazwan', a Kashmir's pride, is a multi-course supper masterminded from chicken or lamb. The arrangement of Wazwan is a character of Kashmiri culture.

Harissa, a colder time of year delicacy cooked for the time being over a slow fire and accessible in a couple of shops in midtown Srinagar, if you visit Kashmir suggested to try once a time.

Roganjosh was also the tempting dish that feel soothing when kept in mouth. Just a colourful and tempting dishes of Kashmir’s most lovable place to visitors.

 Seasons, as they've for the most part, leave a print of memory on our properties. They shape our strategy for living, our sight, our resources, our lifestyle, and our understanding of things. Seasons pass on concealed scratches of suggestions to a particular spot for which they are planned for. As we depend upon the repetitive changes of seasons, each season passes on its own core, its own concealing and delivers its own memory.

Houseboats, Shikaras, streets covered with red hot chinar leaves, cloudy mornings, Pashmina, Kahwa and Wazwan – I think these are sufficient motivations to get tricked to Kashmir. So what u think make a trip to Kashmir and enjoy these views and experienced this gateway’s.


How to Reach???

By Air:

Srinagar airport, now famously known as Sheikh Ul-Alam International Airport Srinagar, operates flights to the major cities of India like Goa, Delhi, Leh, Mumbai, Bangalore and Jammu. Some of the flights operated by this airport are IndiGo, Air India, GoAir and Jet Airways. Srinagar airport is located at a distance of 14 kms approx from the city centre. Jammu also has its own airport which is located just 8 kilometers southwest of the city of Jammu. All major airlines of India operate daily flights to & from Jammu City.

By Rail:

In the present time there is no railway station in Srinagar. The nearest railway station to Srinagar is Jammu Tawi Railway Station, which is located almost 300 kilometers away from Srinagar. Jammu Tawi Railway Station operates several daily trains to Delhi like New Delhi-Jammu Tawi Rajdhani Express, Jammu Mail and Jammu Tawi Express.

By Road:

Jammu & Kashmir enjoys a good road connectivity and can be reached by road. The National Highway (NH) 1 & NH44 connects Kashmir to major cities of India. The Jawahar Tunnel, which connects Jammu to the valley of Kashmir, also lies along this route. Buses operated by the J&K State Road Transport Corporation (JKSRTC) also connect Jammu to other nearby cities like Patnitop (110 km), Srinagar (264 km) and Amritsar (214 km).


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