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Rohtang Pass: The Magical Gateway of Snow land

Majestic Himalayas, snow-white, hot drinks in severe frost, snow ballers, altitudes of more than 3900 meters above sea level, all this perfectly represents the picturesque Rohtang Pass. If you're a Bollywood fan, you've probably seen this place on the screen. The Rohtang Pass has also appeared in films such as Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, Jab We Met, Highway, and the list goes on. If all those movie stars can't miss this beauty, why should you? For those who want to explore the snow and enjoy nature, Rohtang Pass is the perfect place to relax. A place full of beautiful views awaits tourists from all over the world.

Eternal Beauty of Rohtang Pass
The 50km journey from Manali to Rohtang Pass is one of nature's most breathtaking sights. Rohtang Pass's fascinating adventure and strategic location make it one of Manali's most popular places to visit.  In ancient times, this picturesque pass served as a trade route connecting the peoples on both sides of the Pir-Panjal Mountains. Today, it is one of Manali's tourist attractions and frequents visitors from all over the world.

The Origins tale of how Rohtang Pass was named
There are many myths and legends about how the Rohtang Pass got its name. Some say the pass is named after the huge mountain range that connects the Kulu and Lahaul Valleys. Also, there is a theory that the gods made it themselves because this is the only junction of the valley. The Kulu people believe that Lord Shiva made the passage, while the Lahaul believe in Gyapo Gesar, King of Western Tibet, who made the passage.  However, the most common and plausible theory of origin lies in the name itself. In Ladakhi, the language Rohtang means Bhoti, which translates to "heap of corpses". It is named after the fact that many people lose their lives while crossing the pass.

Best Time to Visit Rohtang Pass
The best time to visit Rohtang Pass is from June to October. Although the tourist season in this area starts in May. This is the best time for outdoor activities like cycling, hiking, and camping. The pass closes at the end of October, but the pass cannot be accessed at other times of the year due to extreme weather and landslides.


Weather in Rohtang Pass

  • Summer: From March to July, temperatures range from a high of 24℃ to a low of 14℃
  • Monsoon: July to September. Also, the tourist season in the area begins.
  • Winter: From October to February, temperatures reach a maximum of 2℃ and drop to sub-zero temperatures.


How to Reach Rohtang Pass
The distance between Manali and Rohtang Pass is about 50 km and takes up to 2 hours. All vehicles, whether private or commercial, must apply for a Rohtang pass as entry into the area is restricted. There is a daily pass limit, so please take it with you in advance. Passes are issued at Himachal Tourism Offices and online.


Manali – Rohtang Pass
Self-Driving: With a valid permit and vehicle capable of handling rough terrain, visitors are free to travel back in time to the Spiti Valley and Leh Ladakh.

 Bus: Buses are operated by Himachal Tourism and the cost of non-air-conditioned buses is INR 310 per passenger.

 Cab: You can rent a taxi from Manali to Rothen Pass and cost from INR 2300 to INR 2500 for a 4 seater vehicle.


Rohtang Pass Permit
All visitors traveling from Manali with the Rohtang Pass are protected areas and require a permit to enter the area. Visitors planning a trip to the region can also apply for a Rohtang Pass online.

 1. Rohtang Pass Online:
Passes can be applied online through the Himachal Tourism website. Permits are valid for 24 hours and allow for round-trip access. You must apply for a permit in advance as your daily quota is limited.

 2. Required documents for the Rohtang pass:

  • Valid ID Proof
  • Up to date Pollution Check Certificate
  • Vehicle Registration Date

Places to Visit in Rohtang

Solang Valley:  Adventure activities are a highlight of Manali tourism, and there is no better place than the adventure hub aka Solang Valley. During winters the landscape here transforms into a winter wonderland and a paradise for skiers. In summers, visitors can enjoy a host of activities as well as nature walks and fun family picnics.

Approx Distance from Rohtang Pass: 42.9 km.
Approx Travel Time: 1.5 hours.
Things to do: Skiing, Paragliding, Zorbing, Horse riding, Parachuting, etc.
Ideal For: Everyone above the age of 12year, young children must be supervised at all times. If you have any physical ailments or pre-existing health conditions, please inform avoid these activities.

A visit to the famous Solang Valley is one of the most recommended things to do in Manali.


Rahala Waterfall: Rahala Falls is a popular attraction in the area and if photography is a hobby, you should include it in your Manali tour package. The road to Falls can be challenging due to the slippery roads and many turns, and we recommend taking a cab as the driver knows the way well.

Approximate distance from Rohtang Pass: 23 km.
Approximate travel time: 35minutes.
Things to do: Nature walks, hiking, bird watching, wildlife watching.
Ideal for: Anyone who is physically healthy and able to work.


Bhaga & Chandra Rivers: The Bhaga and Chandra rivers are two beautiful glaciers that join the Spiti Valley to form the powerful Chenab River. The confluence of the river and the breathtaking nature bring a breathtaking sight to the tourists. The river runs south of the Rohtang Pass and all visitors are required to visit this lesser-known attraction at the Rohtang Pass.


Spiti & Lahaul Valley:  Spiti and Lahaul Valley are one of India's most natural wonders. The area is also known as the desert of the Himalayas because of its stunning white landscape. The valley connects India and Tibet, with many beautiful and stunning monasteries and frequent visits by many backpackers and nomads.

Approximate distance from Rotan Pass: 145 km
Approximate travel time: 2 hours 15 minutes  
Things to do: trekking, camping, hiking, visiting monasteries
Ideal use: Physically healthy and competent person.


Khoksar village: This picturesque village of the Himalayas is one of the coldest places in India. The village has wonderful Dhabas that offer delicious local food and a cozy homestay. This village is an undiscovered paradise for sightseeing on the Rohtang Pass. Approximate distance from Rotan Pass: 19 km.

Approximate driving time: 25 minutes.
Ideal use: People who want to withstand the cold even in the summer.


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