15 Aug, 2019 15:51:24 PM | Dr. Manish Patil

Hathgadh Fort, Nashik

Hathgadh Maharashta: Trekking August 2019: "We visited to it on 15 August 2019 during our stay with Club Mahindra resort which is exactly at the base of Hatgad." Mr. Mahesh P. Reviewed his visit to Hathgadh..
"It was very pleasant weather, not chilly nor warm in the evening hours at Hatgad, It is a nice place for short trekking and adventure. Exploration includes, walk of about a kilometer and a half and climbing 200 plus slippery and uneven steps. It's a good place to visit in monsoon. It was a very satisfying experience to my exploratory mindset! It took us about 45 minutes to climb and stay for 30 to 40 minutes at the site and 25 minutes to climb down! The steps were slippery and required quite a Caution. On reaching the top one gets a feeling of accomplishment, like conquering a mountain peak. There was a stiff breeze which quickly dried my perspiration. The view of the surrounding plains was mind-blowing. The monsoon winds were blowing up wisps of clouds making the scenery look even more ethereal. There were a couple of broken down watch-towers, and some water tanks which were full of water. The edges of the plateau were barricaded by huge boulders and an iron safety railing which had been more recently installed.

The climb down and walk to the resort took only 25 minutes. One can drive half-way up to the fort, and walk up the steps for the remaining distance, but vehicles can enter only between 8.30 am to 5 pm, via the forest department check-post.

It is an excellent hill trek which can be enjoyed by trekking enthusiasts of all ages. But It is not maintained by the Government. Only satisfaction was that of we could trek it in the evening hours, adventure and seeing once a glorious fortress of some Maratha Rulers and the surrounding nature.
It is just 6 kms from Saputara-hill station on Gujrath-Maharashtra border. Can be reached easily from Mumbai or pune or Nashik or Valsad from Gujrath side....


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