Just imagine being in a place & surrounded by…. Multiple colors, Mild mood-elevating redolent fragrances, Misty cool air, Quaint Himalayan breeze, Gently cascading water streams
04 Mar, 2022 17:30:16 PM | Ms. Poorva Kadam

Bole Mere Lips… Kya???? I love Tulips…

Just imagine being in a place & surrounded by….

  • Multiple colors
  • Mild mood-elevating redolent fragrances
  • Misty cool air
  • Quaint Himalayan breeze
  • Gently cascading water streams
  • Mighty mountains  & endless colorful flowerbeds that stretch till eyes can see…

Wowww such a surreal paradise wala feeling... hai Na??...

But, what if we tell you that this Flowery Imagination is real and this PARADISE indeed exists….

Welcome to Jammu & Kashmir’s Tulip Garden Center, Srinagar…

Adding Grandiose to the Garden is the annual Tulip Festival.

So, folks in this Blog Post we will try and give you 360 Degree info on what is this flowery brouhaha all about.

In the midst of “Land of Lakes & Gardens” i.e. Srinagar, on the foothills of majestic Zabarwan Mountain Range and overlooking “Srinagar’s Jewel- Dal Lake” stands the vast swathe of Tulip Gardens / Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden.

Tulip Garden is easily accessible from any point of Srinagar and is only 8kms from Lal Chowk – The City Center of Srinagar. It can be accessed by public or private transportation.

Enter the Tulip Gardens… and FLOWERY FIESTA greets you overpowering all your senses instantly leaving you eternally mesmerized… 

So, Chalo let’s understand more about this….

In the year 2007 the then CM of J&K State Mr. Ghulam Nabi Azad inaugurated Tulip Gardens with the sole aim of promoting tourism & floriculture to the State, leading to addition of one more attraction. The Garden stretches for 30 acres housing many tulip bulbs and has consistently added & nurtured varieties of tulips to its nursery…

But, how come so many Tulips???
Location on the mountain slope, suitable climatic conditions, and nurturing nature of the gardening staff are some of the many reasons for the blossoming and blooming tulips.


One inside you can see many sections, and every section houses a specific variety of tulips from strong gold, daffodils to margaritas and more… Water rivulets gently falling down from the uphill slopes irrigate and add glory to the beauty of gardens.

Today, as you stroll along with the Tulip swathes you can enjoy modern-day amenities like Fountains, Free Wi-Fi, washrooms, an open-air cafeteria, dedicated stalls vending authentic Kashmiri food, edibles, handicrafts, and native Kashmiri souvenirs.

Visiting Tulip Gardens indeed in itself a celebration or Jashan… And for this Jahan-e- Bahar J&K Govt. annually organizes a Tulip Festival aptly named as Bahaar-e-Kashmir.

The festival is held for 20 long days between March to May which is a Tulip Blossom Season. 

Festive celebrations amidst tulips include cultural events showcasing rich Kashmiri Culture, musical concerts, food fests, and more…

NOW SOME WOW FACTS TIME - Rang Ja Re Phoolon Ke Rang Se….

Did you know Folks….

  • Once inside from any direction you can see multi-colored Tulips descending down, this is because of the smart landscaping technique used, in which the garden was made out of 7 downhill terraces…
  • Tulips are imported all the way from Nederland’s – Country renowned for tulips. 
  • Tulip Gardens is one of the biggest in Asia and is surrounded by renowned attractions in Kashmir.
  • These beautiful Gardens have always caught the attention of Filmmakers and many renowned Bollywood films have been shot here & soon more will be filmed...
  • Entry to gardens is reasonably priced at INR 25/- for kids and INR 50/- for Adults.
  • Tulips Festival is CLIMATE DEPENDENT and is extended if the temperature remains below 20 Degrees.

So, in conclusion, we are certain that your imagination has now been Tulipified, and visiting the Tulips Festival will certainly leave you stupefied.

Dil Garden Garden Ho Gaya
Ab Tulip Festival Chaliye…

This year the Tulip Festival will be held from April 01st to April 20th, 2022.



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